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Episode 46

Published on:

6th Dec, 2023

Episode 45

Published on:

29th Nov, 2023

Episode 44

Published on:

15th Nov, 2023

Episode 43

Published on:

8th Nov, 2023

Episode 42

Published on:

6th Nov, 2023

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About the Podcast

Hip Hop Movie Club
Celebrating and re-examining old and new hip hop-themed films
This show is for Gen X hip hop fans who want to relive the glory days and reconsider classic and modern hip hop films from a current day perspective. Together we explore some of the societal issues raised in these films, discuss fascinating trivia, and suggest whether this film is worth your time. In any case, you'll be a smarter hip hop fan by the end of each episode.

HHMC is brought to you by a trio of longtime hip hop fans: JB, an 80s and 90s nostalgia junkie, Boogie, a veteran DJ and graffiti artist, and DynoWright, serial podcaster and filmmaker.